Vestnik Otdelenia nauk o Zemle RAN VOL. 2, NZ6003, doi:10.2205/2010NZ000021, 2010

Cosmic-ray exposure ages of Sweden fossil meteorites

Alexeev V. A.


The found features in distributions of noble gas contents and of exposure ages in the fossil meteorites of Sweden imply the falling single meteorite shower. Time of this event corresponds to the stratigraphically oldest occurrence of meteorites in the column. Meteorites in the younger strata most likely are a result of redeposition. In this case, there is no necessity to set up a hypothesis of intensive flux of meteorites to Earth during ~1–2 Ma about 470 Ma ago.

Received 28 April 2010; published 5 June 2010.

Citation: Alexeev V. A. (2010), Cosmic-ray exposure ages of Sweden fossil meteorites, Vestn. Otd. nauk Zemle, 2, NZ6003, doi:10.2205/2010NZ000021.

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