Vestnik Otdelenia nauk o Zemle RAN VOL. 1, NZ3002, doi:10.2205/2009NZ000006, 2009

Intellectual GIS

A. Beriozko, A. Rybkina, A. Soloviev, R. Krasnoperov
Geophysical Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


The present study is aimed at the integration of data on geography, geology, geophysics, geoecology and other Earth sciences in the comprehensive problem-oriented geoinformation system (GIS) including the intellectual superstructure for geoinformation analysis. At the present time GIS provide only limited opportunities for general analysis of geodata handled. At the same time, among the scientific community, dealing with the Earth sciences data, the requirement of more profound and comprehensive data analyzing and processing is constantly growing. The theory and methods of artificial intellect (AI) must become not only an integral, but the main core of a modern GIS.

Received 10 November 2009; published 20 November 2009.

Citation: Beriozko A., A. Rybkina, A. Soloviev, R. Krasnoperov (2009), Intellectual GIS, Vestn. Otd. nauk Zemle, 1, NZ3002, doi:10.2205/2009NZ000006.

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