Vestnik Otdelenia nauk o Zemle RAN VOL. 3, NZ5005, doi:10.2205/2011NZ000107, 2011

CRENEGON Project and its impact on magnetic observations in NIS countries

A. S. Potapov

Irkutsk (IRT) Geomagnetic Observatory ISTP SB RAS, Russia.

S. Yu. Khomutov

Geophysical Observatory "Klyuchi" (NVS) ASB GS SB RAS, Russia.

J. L. Rasson

Dourbes (DOU) Geomagnetic Observatory IRM, Belgium.


Critical changes in magnetic observations in Russia were connected with the project initiated by Russian, Ukrainian, and West European magnetologists in the late 1990ties. This project named CRENEGON (Creation of a Renewed Network of basic Geomagnetic Observatories of NIS countries) allowed to five NIS observatories to join INTERMAGNET. This paper gives a short sketch of the Earth's magnetic field measurements in the Soviet Union and NIS countries since the IGY-1957. A role of cooperation with European magnetologist community in recovering observations is discussed. Problems of providing high-quality magnetic measurements at modern observatories are considered. Final part of the report presents proposals for deployment of national network of magnetic monitoring.

Received 10 May 2011; published 8 June 2011.

Citation: Potapov, A. S., S. Yu. Khomutov, J. L. Rasson (2011), CRENEGON Project and its impact on magnetic observations in NIS countries, Vestn. Otd. nauk Zemle, 3, NZ5005, doi:10.2205/2011NZ000107.

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