VESTNIK OTDELENIA NAUK O ZEMLE RAN, VOL. 7, ISR1501, doi:10.2205/2015ISR010, 2015

Records of science: Modern concepts and solutions

A. Astapenkova, E. Kedrov, V. Nechitailenko


Scientific publications of the past and to a large extent present day publications, although frequently based on the data obtained by multimedia tools, at the final stage are inevitably limited by the paper format. A modern approach to the record of science contributes to overcoming the obstacles that retard integration of research results into the systems of information retrieval, scientific content indexing and distribution. It also implies possibility of providing a paper with modern means of data display, dynamic and interactive components, which can enhance clarity, validity and accessibility of the conclusions and results presented in the publication. This paper considers the concepts of the record of science based on the extensive experience that the Geophysical Center RAS enjoys in publishing scientific journals, with over a half-century history of publications in geophysics and years of experience in the development of electronic publishing technologies together with leading foreign publishers in the field of geosciences. Some benefits of providing scientific articles with dynamic content, multimedia applications, semantic structuring of electronic documents, as well as the use and promotion of a modern system of registration and publication of geophysical data are discussed.

This presentation is an integrated interactive version, built on the basis of: (i) the report of the same title, published in the Proceedings of the 4th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Scientific Periodicals of the International Level - 2015", May 26-29, 2015 and (ii) video record of presentation given by A. Astapenkova at the conference and kindly provided by the organizer of the conference NEICON. The presentation is written in HTML5 language and controlled by JavaScript program developed in GC RAS for this class presentations. The original video has some minor adjustments and additional explanations.

Presented 29 May 2015; published as online lecture 23 December 2015.

      Time 16m 31s


Citation: Astapenkova, A., E. Kedrov, V. Nechitailenko (2015), Records of science: modern concepts and solutions, Vestn. Otd. nauk Zemle RAN, 7, ISR1501, doi:10.2205/2015ISR010.