Vestnik Otdelenia nauk o Zemle RAN VOL. 4, Special Issue, 2012,

Proceedings of the ASEMPG-2012

Invited editors T. I. Tsekhonya and E. A. Sirotkina

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  1. Problems of Planetology, Cosmochemistry and Meteoritics
  2. Magmatic Systems
  3. Physical Chemical Mineralogy
  4. Hydrothermal Systems
  5. Biogeichemistry and Biominaralogy
  6. Experimantal Geoecology
  7. Physical Properties of Geomaterials

1. Problems of Planetology, Cosmochemistry and Meteoritics

The possible reason of the overestimation of cosmic-ray exposure ages of the Sweden fossil meteorites
Alexeev V. A.

Fragmentation of the uranium nuclei in iron-nickel pallasite medium: theoretical estimation of the fragment nuclei superposition with the primary galactic cosmic ray nuclus abundance
Bagulya A. V., Goncharova L. A., Ivliev A. I., Kalinina G. V., Kashkarov L. L., Konovalova N. S., Okateva N. M., Polukhina N. G., Roussetski A. S., Starkov N. I.

On the asymmetry of the surface terrestrial planets, caused by the falls of galactic comets
Barenbaum A. A.

Study of isotopic and elemental compositions of gases from Pesyanoe by stepwise crushing
Buikin A. I., Verchovsky A. B., Lorentz K. A., Skripnik A. Ya.

Thermodynamic database for the computer modeling of cosmochemistry and comparative planetology tasks: heat capacity of minerals
Dorofeeva V. A., Mukhina I. V., Khodakovsky I. L.

Conditions of formation of cometary ices
Dorofeeva V. À., Mironenko M. V.

Equations of temperature dependence of ice capacity and some clathrats hydrats formed in Í–O–Ñ–N–Ar–Kr–Xe system at low temperatures and pressure
Dorofeeva V. À., Vagina O. V.

Numerical models of Titan's internal structure without the liquid ocean
Dunaeva A. N., Kronrod V. A., Kuskov O. L.

Thermoluminescence and metamorphism of CO and CV carbonaceous chondrites
Ivliev A. I., Kuyunko N. S.

Possible mechanism of beginnings of the Lunar core and crust
Karakin A. V., Lebedev E. B., Pokatashkin P. À.

Argon isotope geochemistry in gas-rich regolith breccia Dhofar 018
Korochantseva E. V., Buikin A. I., Lorenz C. A.,. Korochantsev A. V, Trieloff M.

Influence of physical-chemical properties on accumulation of the iron-sulfide phases in partial molten silicate melt
Lebedev E. B., Roschina I. A., Kononkova N. N., Zevakin E. A., Averin V. V.

On secondary element fractionation in the metal from Norton County aubrite
Lyul A. Yu.

Shornikov S. I. Thermodynamic study of regularities in vapor composition over oxide compounds (the CaO–MgO–Al2O3–FeO–SiO2 system)

Possible microscopic traces of the Tunguska meteorite
Tselmovich V. A.

Meteoritic nanodiamonds and primary cosmic rays
Ustinova G. K.

Silicate cluster vaporization: new experimental data
Yakovlev O. I., Dikov Yu. P., Gerasimov M. V., Buleev M. I.

2. Magmatic Systems

Study of solidus parameters of the Yaroslavka biotite and Voznesenka Li-F granites of the Primorye, experimental research
Aksyuk A. M., Konyshev A. A.

Experimental study of greisenization of granite in water and HF solution at 400–600°C
Aksyuk, V. S. Korzhinskaya A. M.

Experimental measurement coefficient distribution TR, Ni, Mn melilite-melt
Asavin A. M., Turin D. A., Senin V. G.

Experimental study of partitioning of minor and rare-earth elements between sodium-bearing majoritic garnet and melt at 8.5 GPa
Bobrov A. V., Litvin Yu. A., Kuzyura A. V., Dymshits A. M., Jeffries T.

Experimental study the temperature dependence of water diffusion in dacite melts
Bukhtiyarov P. G., Persikov E. S., Newman S.

Experimental study distribution of trace elements between clinopyroxene, garnet and silicate melts
Gorbachev N. S., Kostyuk A. V., Nekrasov A. N., Sultanov D. M.

Phase relationship and geochemistry of garnet-bearing carbonatites of Troso area, Norway
Gorbachev N. S., Ravna E., Nekrasov A. N., Kullerud K.

Experimental study melting of garnet-bearing carbonatite
Gorbachev N.S., Nekrasov A.N., Kostyuk A.V., Sultanov D.M.

Spectroscopic analysis of molecular water and hydroxyl groups content in N–O–H ferriferous silicate glasses by FTIR spectroscopy
Kadik A. A., Kryukova E. B., Plotnichenko V. G., Kononkova N. N., Tsekhonya T. I.

Study of interactions of N–C–H–Î volatilies with Fe rich silicate melts at high pressures and fixed hydrogen fugacity
Kadik A. A., Kurovskaya N. A., Ignatjev Yu. A., Kononkova N. N., Krjukova E. B., Dorofeeva V. A., Koltashev V. V.

Raman spectra analysis for studying the forms of hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen dissolution in melting products of the early Earth's mantle
Kadik A. A., Litvin Yu. A., Koltashev V. V., Plotnichenko V. G., Tsekhonya T. I., Kononkova N. N.

Experimental study partial melting of the matabasites in the system H2O–NaCl
Khodorevskaya L. I.

Experimental study of high-pressure differentiation of larnite-normative kimberlite melts
Kogarko L. N.

Compressibility of the CsAlSi3O8 glass in the comparison with those for the glasses of albite and orthoclase compositions
Kuryaeva R. G., Surkov N. V.

Trace elements partitioning at partial melting of diamond-forming peridotite-carbonatite system in experiment at 8.5 GPa
Kuzyura A. V., Litvin Yu. A., Vasiliev P. G., Jeffries T., Wall F.

Ultrabasic-basic differentiation of mantle magmas and natural diamond-parental melts by evidence of physico-chemical experiments
Litvin Yu. A., Anashkina N. E.

Dependence of Fe3+/Fe2+ ratio on oxygen fugacity and temperature in melts of granitoid composition on experimental data
Lukanin O. A., Volovetskii M. V., Kargal’tsev A. A.

Experimental modeling of the transformation of kimberlite barophilic minerals in the pipe condition
Medvedev V. Ya., Ivanova L. A., Egorov K. N.

Experimental study of the effect of concentration of dissolved water on diffusion of Í2Î in haplodacite melts at high pressures
Persikov E. S., Bukhtiyarov P. G., Newman S.

Concentration dependences of the molar absorption coefficients of the two type of dissolved water (OH- è Í2Î) in silicate and magmatic melts (glasses) in the series acidic-basic
Persikov E. S., Newman S., Bukhtiyarov P. G.

Topaz, cryolite and villiaumite crystallization conditions in the system SiO2–Al2O3–Na2O–K2O–Li2O–H2O–F and in nature
Shchekina T. I., Alferieva Ya. O., Gramenitskiy E. N

Estimate of Kamchatka cortlandites crystallization conditions by amphibole compositions
Simakin A. G., Zakrevskaya O. Yu., Salova T. P.

One-dimensional solidification of the CuFe2S3 melt
Sinyakova E. F., Kosyakov V. I.

Experimental study of the system MgO–SiO2–Cr2O3 at 7–16 GPa and 1200–1800°C
Sirotkina E. A., Bobrov A. V., Litvin Yu. A., Dubrovinsky L. S.

Distribution of REE, Nb, Ta, Ba and Sr between immiscible phases in silicate-carbonate systems (experiment)
Suk N. I.

Structural state of iron ions in the glasses of granitoid composition synthesized at various T-fO2 conditions
Volovetskii M. V., Lukanin O. A., Rusakov V. S.

Oxiftoride srontioperovskite (Sr1-xNax)TiO3-xFx — the synthetic analogue of tausonite
Zaitsev V. A., Senin V. G.

"Memory" of the minerals of deep origin. The experimental determination of intrinsic oxygen fugacity
Zharkova E. V., Kadik A. A., Senin V. G.

3. Physical Chemical Mineralogy

On the problems of calculating the solubility of metal oxides in the vapor phase of water
Akinfiev N. N., Plyasunov A. V.

Cr-containing topaz crystal growth on a seed in supercritical aqueous-fluoride fluids and some properties of as-grown crystals
Balitsky V. S., Shapovalov Yu. B., Balitskaya L. V., Balitsky D. V., Setkova T. V.

Physical evidence of abiogenous synthesis of oil hydrocarbons
Barenbaum A. A., Ablya E. A.

On the change in the physical-chemical and flotation properties of sphalerite and chalcopyrite under nanosecond electromagnetic pulses
Bunin I. Zh. , Khabarova I. A., Ryazantseva M. V., Koporulina E. V.

Experimental study of kinetics of isothermal dehydroxylation of natural goethite
Gribov S. K., Dolotov A. V.

About a new semi-empirical equations of temperature dependence of heat capacity and thermal expansion coefficient of solids
Khodakovsky I. L.

Formation of gold-bearing sulfides of copper in connection with a problem of "invisible gold": experimental study
Kokh M. A., Tagirov B. R., Kovalchuk E. V.

Synthesis of phosphorus- and arsenic-bearing feldspars
Kotelnikov A. R., Ananiev V. V., Suk N. I., Akhmedjanova G. M.

The study of Mg and Fe distribution between ternary solid solutions of clinopyroxenes and bioite
Kotelnikov A. R., Kovalsky A. V., Suk N. I.

Âreakdown structures of synthetic solid solutions in the system Cu–Fe–Au–S
Kovalchyk E. V., Chareev D. A., Tagirov B. R., Kokh M. A., Mokhov A. V.

Experimental study of phase compositions in the region of chalcopyrite solid solution crystallization
Kravchenko T. A., Nenasheva S. N.

Experimental study of bismuthous minerals crystallization
Marina E. A., Marin A. A., Mahina I. B., Balitsky V. S.

Limits of replacement of Zr and Ti for Al in kosnarite solid solution including alkali and alkaline earth charge-compensating cations
Martynov K. V., Lapitskaya T. S., Tananaev I. G., Kovalsky A. M.

4. Hydrothermal Systems

Study of heat-mass transfer mechanisms and estimation of mass flow of vapor in recirculated crystallizers
Bublikova T. M., Setkova T. V., Balitsky V. S.

Simulation of migration colloidal gold in surface waters of natural
Getsina M. L., Toropchenova E. S., Nabiullina S. N., Koshcheeva I. Ya., Kubrakova I. V.

REE distribution coefficients in monazite–apatite–fluorite association depending on HF and T–P–X parameters of fluids (thermodynamic modeling)
Kolonin G. R., Shironosova G. P.

Effect of physico-chemical conditions on pyrochlore solubility in fluoride solutions at T = 300–550°C and P = 500–1000 bar
Korzhinskaya V. S.

Experimental modeling of possibility of hydrothermal transferring niobium by fluoride
Korzhinskaya V. S., Kotova N. P.

Role of natural organic substances in colloidal transport of platinum and palladium
Koshcheeva I. Ya., Tyutyunnik O. A., Chkhetia D. N., Krigman L. V., Kubrakova I. V.

Experimental Study of the Na2CO3-Bearing Fluids Using Synthetic Fluid Inclusions in Quartz
Kotel’nikova Z. A. and Kotel’nikov A. R.

Mineral geothermometers for low temperature paragenesis
Kotelnikov A. R., Suk N. I., Kotelnikova Z. A., Tschekina T. I., Kalinin G. M.

Experimental study of concentration dependence of niobium oxide solubility in fluoride solutions at T=550°C, P=500 bar and low oxygen fugacity (Co–CoO buffer)
Kotova N. P.

Sorption of actinides on natural Fe-Mn oceanic crusts from seawater
Martynov K. V., Asavin A. M., Konstantinova L. I., Shirokova I. B., Zakharova E. V.

Synthesis of the nanocrystalline platinum during Mn(II)–Mn(III) oxidation at 200–300°Ñ and P = 1 kb
Plyusnina L. P. and Likhoidov G. G.

Bitumen–graphite transformation (after experimental data)
Plyusnina L. P., Kuz’mina T. V. and Likhoidov G. G.

About the solubility of palladium oxide and hydroxide at 25°Ñ
Polotnyanko N. A., Khodakovsky I. L.

Thermodynamic properties of palladium chloride complexes in aqueous solutions
Polotnyanko N. A., Khodakovsky I. L.

On the linear dependence on the water density at high temperatures of the cation-anion binary interaction parameters for the simple model (SIT) of the activity coefficients
Popova E. S., Plyasunov A. V.

Physico-chemical peculiarties of uranil ion accumulation by rutile
Razvorotneva L. I., Markovich T. I.

Experimental study of joint solubility of pyrochlore and uraninite in fluoride solutions at 800°Ñ, 2300 bars, and Co–CoO buffer
Redkin A. F.

Thermodynamic properties of zirconium hydroxo-complexes in aqueous solutions
Vasina O. N., Shikina N. D., Gurova E. V., Popova E. S.,.Tagirov B. R, Khodakovsky I. L.

On the gel of silica formed by the acid decomposition of eudialite concentrate
Zaitsev V. A., Gruzdeva A. A., Starshinova N. P., Khamizov R. Kh., Kogarko L. N.

Chlorargyrite (AgCl) solubility in low density hydrothermal fluids
Zotov A. V., Akinfiev N. N., Volchenkova V. A., Selivanov P. V.

5. Biogeichemistry and Biominaralogy

Experimental study of the parameters of human saliva as a mineral-forming medium
Belskaya L. V., Golovanova O. A.

Differentiation of copper, molybdenum and tungsten in local biogeochemical cycles Physical properties of geomaterials
Ermakov V., Danilova V., Khushvakhtova S., Degtyarev A., Krechetova E., Tyutikov S.; Buryak A., Pytsky I., Khabarov B.

6. Experimantal Geoecology

Uranium oxides in technogenic aerosol of the area of Novosibirsk city
Artamonova S. Yu.

Matrix materials leaching stability
Kotelnikov A. R., Akhmedjanova G. M., Suvorova V. A., Martynov K. V., Kovalsky A. M.

The mechanism of transformation of hydrophosphates (Na,Ce) and (Na,Sr) in reactions of metasomatic replacement under the scheme of "wet process» immobilization radionuclides
Suvorova V. A., Ahmedzhanova G. M.

Method of synthesis of ceramic matrices for the radionuclides immobilization and its optimization
Suvorova V. A., Kovalskii A. M., Kotelnikov A. R.

Complex research of water and bottom sediments of the Tmaka river in Tver city
Òyutyunnik Î. À., Levinsky V. V., Kundryakov V. V. Kuzovlev V. V., Getsyna M.L., Toropchenova Å.S.

7. Physical Properties of Geomaterials

Oil and gas extraction and elastic potential of the earth’s bowels
Maghidov S. Kh.

Mechanisms of destruction rock and solid-phase mass transfer in cracks
Nikitin S. M., Buyanowa D. S.

Factors of global fluidtransportation and catastrophyc earthquakes
Rudakov V. P.

Fluiddydamic effects in variations of radon seismic noise and telluric current fields
Rudakov V. P., Tsyplakov V. V.

Hydraulic radius and mole surface of the fluid in the rocks of the Earth's crust
Vitovtova V. Ì., Shmonov V. M., Zharikov A. V.

Experimental study of crystalline rock filtration properties: implications for underground radioactive waste disposal
Zharikov A. V., Velichkin V. I., Vitovtova V. M., Malkovsky V. I., Shmonov V. M.

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