Vestnik Otdelenia nauk o Zemle RAN VOL. 3, Special Issue, 2011

Proceedings of the ASEMPG-2011

Invited editors M. V. Volovetsky and T. I. Tsekhonya

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  1. Problems of planetology, cosmochemistry and meteoritics
  2. Mineral generation at high P–T parameters
  3. Magmatic processes
  4. Hydrothermal processes
  5. Synthesis and properties of minerals
  6. Thermodynamics of minerals
  7. Physical properties of geomaterials
  8. Experimental geoecology
  9. Biomineralogy
  10. Methodological and applied studies

1. Problems of planetology, cosmochemistry and meteoritics

About age of the lunar surface
Barenbaum A. A., Shpekin M. I.

Chemical boundary of the cratonic lithosphere from the geophysical and petrological data
Kronrod V. A., Kuskov O. L.

Geochemical and geophysical constraints for lunar thermal field
Kronrod E. V., Kuskov O. L., Kronrod V. A.

Influence of the P–Si–C components on the mobility of Fe–S melt at accumulation end segregation of metal
Lebedev E. B., Roschina I. A., Kononkova N. N., Zevakin E. A., Averin V. V.

Modeling of thermal mode for Siberian craton by inversion of seismic profiles "Rift" and "Meteorite"
Prokofyev A. A., Kuskov O. L., Kronrod V. A.

A thermodynamic investigation of evaporation kinetics of the oxide melts, containing titanium dioxide
Shornikov S. I.

Thermodynamic properties of CaO–MgO–Al2O3 melts
Shornikov S. I.

Experimental study of meteorites and Ca–Al-inclusions
Yakovlev O. I., Shornikov S. I.

Interaction of the solar wind with the lunar rocks
Averin V. V.

D/H ratio of Titan and Enceladus atmospheres: some cosmochemical conclusions for moon's formation
Dorofeeeva V. A.

X-ray and ion beam study of natural olivine (Mg1-xFex)2SiO4
Egorov V. K., Egorov E. V., Kashkarov L. L., Poluhina N. G.

Nuclei charge identification for the galactic cosmic ray transuranic elements by the chemically etching tracks in the pallasite olivine crystals
Kashkarov L. L., Aleksandrov A. B., Bagulya A. V., Vladimirov M. S., Goncharova L. A., Ivliev A. I., Kalinina G. V., Konovalova N. S., Okateva N. M., Polukhina N. G., Roussetski A. S., Starkov N. I.

Total length of the accelerated iron ions range-increasing effect in quartz glass, comprised the tracks
Kashkarov L. L., Shilobreeva S. N., Kalinina G. V.

On the origin of the Saturn's belts matter
Roussol A. V., Dorofeyeva V. A., Ruskol E. L.

Distributions of extraterrestrial and terrestrial chromite grains in ordovician limestone of Sweden and China
Alexeev V. A.

2. Mineral generation at high P–T parameters

Diamond-forming efficiency of chloride-silicate-carbonate melts
Bobrov A. V., Litvin Yu. A., Ismailova L. S.

Experimental study of interphase partitioning of rare elements in diamond forming eclogite–carbonatite and peridotite–carbonatite systems
Kuzyura A. V., Litvin Yu. A., Okoemova V. Yu., Vasiliev P. G., Wall F., Jeffries T.

Parental media for diamonds and primary inclusions by evidence of physicochemical experiment
Litvin Yu. A., Vasiliev P. G., Bobrov A. V., Okoyomova V. Yu., Kuzyura A. V.

Experimental modeling of syngenesis of diamond and minerals of peridotite and eclogite parageneses
Pokrovskaya N. E., Litvin Yu. A.

Congruent melting of Cà-carbonate in static experiment at 3500 K and 10–22 GPà
Spivak A. V., Dubrovinsky L. S., Litvin Yu. A.

Program of the mantle thermometers and barometers: usage for reconstruction and calibration of PT methods
Ashchepkov I. V.

Origin of the stratification of cratonic mantle lithosphere
Ashchepkov I. V., Ionov D. A., Ntaflos T., Downes H., Afanasiev P. V.

Synthesis of Na-bearing majority in the system Mg3Al2Si3O12 –Na2MgSi5O12 at 11–20 GPa: solid solutions and structural features
Dymshits A. M., Bobrov A. V., Bindi L., Litasov K. D., Shatskiy, A. F., Ohtani E., Litvin Yu. A.

Exsolution textures in majoritic garnets from the Mir kimberlitic pipe (Yakutia)
Sirotkina E. A., Bobrov A. V., Garanin V. K., Bovkun A. V., Shkurskii B. B., Korost D. V.

3. Magmatic processes

Thermodynamic distribution of Mg2+ and Fe2+ between olivine and melt in the MgO–FeO–SiO2 system
Ariskin A. A., Schildt A. V.

Critical relationship of fluid-bearing mantle: interaction of hypercritical fluid–melts with peridotite
Gorbachev N. S., Nekrasov A. N.

Fractionation of melelite in the differentiation of high calcium larnite-normative melts, close in composition to kimberlites
Kogarko L. N.

Directional crystallization is not the mechanism of magmatic differentiation
Koptev-Dvornikov E. V., Yaroshevsky À. À., Veis V. À.

Interaction of model peridotite with (Ca, Na2)CO3–KCl melts and H2O–KCl fluids at 1. 0–2. 5 GPa
Safonov O. G.

Effect of alkaline and alkaline-earth cations on the compressibility of aluminosilicate glasses
Kuryaeva R. G.

The influence of the iron and ox/red conditions on the solubility of sulfur in water-saturated silicate melts
Gorbachev P. N., Bezmen N. I.

Physical and chemical factors controlling sulfide-silicate liquation in unhydrous mafic systems (from result of computational modeling)
Koptev-Dvornikov E. V., Aryaeva N. S., Bychkov D. A.

Extreme pressure dependence of sulfur solubility in silicate melts (experimental data)
Kostyuk A. V., Gorbachev N. S.

Zonality of talnakh copper-nickel ores (experiment and physicochemical explanation)
Kosyakov V. I., Sinyakova E. F., Distler V. V.

Experimental study of the phase equilibria in the crystallization region of the chalkopyrite solid solution
Kravchenko T. A.,

Arsenic influence on noble metals behavior during of fractional crystallization of the Cu–Fe–Ni–S melts
Sinyakova E. F., Kosyakov V. I., Kokh K. A., Karmanov N. S.

Experimental study of melting of the voznesenka biotite and Li–F granites
Aksyuk A. M., Konyshev A. A.

Variations of isotopic compositions and elemental ratios of C, N, He and Ar in fluid inclusions from MORB chilled glasses based on the results of stepwise crushing
Buikin A. I., Verchovsky A. B., Grinenko V. A., Silantyev S. A.

Experimental study of the temperature dependence of water diffusion in obsidian melts
Bukhtiyarov P. G., Persikov E. S.

Studying the forms of dissolution of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen volatiles in magmatic melts of the early Earth's mantle by the methods of IR and Raman spectroscopy
Kadik A. A. Koltashev V. V., Kryukova E. B., Plotnichenko V. G.

Pressure influence on the solubility of N-C-H-O volatiles in FeO-Na2O-SiO2-Al2O3 melts at 1400 (1550oC)
Kadik A. A., Kurovskaya N. A., Ignatjev Yu. A., Kononkova N. N., Koltashev V. V., Plotnichenko V. G.

The influence of Cl concentration and pH on solubility and species of Zn and Pb in water-chloride fluids at T–P parameters of granitoidic magmas degassing
Lukanin O. A., Kurovskaya N. A., Ryzhenko B. N.

Relationship between diffusivity of major (SiO2, Al2O3, Na2O, CaO, MgO) and volatile (Í2Î) components and melts viscosity of the system obsidian–dacite–andesite–basalt–H2O (experimental-theoretical study)
Persikov E. S., Bukhtiyarov P. G.

Liquid immiscibility in alkaline silicate systems containing Ti, Nb, Sr, REE and Zr (experiment)
Suk N. I.

Experimental study of systems alkaline silicate melt - low concentrated water-sulphate fluid at Ò=1250îÑ and Ð=2 kbar
Suk N. I., Kotelnikov A. R.

Interaction between amphibolite and NaCl solution at 800-900°C and 5–7 kbar: experimental study
Khodorevskaya L. I.

A comparison between compositions of fluorine saturated experimental melts and cryolite-bearing granites
Shchekina T. I., Gramenitskiy E. N., Alferieva Ya. O., Zubkov E. C.

4. Hydrothermal processes

Experimental modeling of greisenization in the voznesenka granites
Aksyuk A. M., Korzhinskaya V. S.

Transformation of equilibrium quartz–water system into non-equilibrium one under a small temperature gradient
Alekseyev V. A., Medvedeva L. S., Starshinova N. P.

Experimental study of influence of hydrothermal solution on solubility Sb2S3
Dadze T. P., Kashirtseva G. F.

Granitization mechanisms of rocks of Broken massive (Hartz, Germany)
Klisch I., Gevorkyan R. G.

The dependence of monazite composition on HF concentration and T–P–X parameters of fluids (thermodynamic simulation)
Kolonin G. R., Shironosova G. P.

Experimental study of quartz solubility in H2O-HF system, and possible host rock silification mechanism for example of nature objects
Konyshev A. A., Aksyuk A. A.

Experimental study of dependence of pyrochlore solubility in HF and KF solution at T=400o, 550oC and Ð=1000 bar
Korzhinskaya V. S.

Comparison of data on the solubility of columbite, pyrochlore, and oxides of Ta and Nb in alkaline aqueous solutions at T=550oC, P=1000 bar (Co–CoO buffer)
Korzhinskaya V. S., Kotova N. P.

An unusual phase composition in the RbF-bearing synthetic fluid inclusions
Kotelnikova Z. A., Kotelnikov A. R.

Experimental study of concentration dependence of Ta2O5 and Nb2O5 solubility in the alkaline and carbonate solutions at T=550oC, P=500 bar and low oxygen fugacity (Co–CoO buffer)
Kotova N. P.

The use of non-ideal thermodynamic models for sphalerite and pyrrhotite in computer modeling of hydrothermal systems
Laptev Yu. V., Shvarov Yu. V.

Interaction between (alumino)silicates and SO2-containing gas: experiment and thermodynamic model
Li E. Yu., Grichuk D. V., Shilobreeva S. N., Chareev D. A.

Experimental and thermodynamical study of silicate minerals interaction with gases of C–O–H system
Sushentsova B. Yu., Shilobreeva S. N., Grichuk D. V., Zotov A. V.

Mineral equilibria in systems of K2O(Li2O)-Al2O3-SiO2-HF-H2O with topaz: experimental data, Ò=400°Ñ Ð=100 ÌÐà
Shapovalov Yu. B., Setkova T. V.

Experimental study of solubility ZrO2 in water solutions of chloric acid at 150°Ñ
Shikina N. D., Medvedkina O. N., Popova E. S., Tagirov B. R., Shazzo Yu. K., Khodakovsky I. L.

Metal-bearing capacity (Au, Sb, Te, As, and Bi) of chloride oxidized heterophase fluids at temperature 700°Ñ and pressure 109–124 MPa
Borovikov À. À., Bul’bak Ò. À., Borisenko À. S., Palesskiy S. V.

Formation and fate of gold tiosulfate under the leachning of sulphide rocks (experimental study)
Kubrakova I. V., Pryaznikov D. V., Koshcheeva I. Ja., Tyutyunnik O. A., Korsakova N. V., Chkhetija D. N., Krigman L. V.

The effects of sulfur on the sorption of gold by organic matter under hydrothermal conditions: experimental study at 200–400 oC and Ptot = 1 kb
Plyusnina L. P., V. Kuz’mina T. V., Likhoidov G. G.

Experimental study of influence of oil-cracking processes in hydrothermal solutions on formation of various types of oil-and-gas deposits
Balitsky V. S., Novikova M. A., Penteley S. V., Balitskaya L. V., Bublikova T. M.

Sorption of methane rocks of gas deposits in the Henry region
Vulfson A. N., Skibitskaya N. A., Borodin O. O.

About properties of hydrocarbonic substance - the oil source
Makarov V. P.

5. Synthesis and properties of minerals

Anionic solid solution uytenbogaardtite–petzite
Korepanov Ya. I., Osadchii E. G.

Sinthesis of fluorine-bearing sodalite and its properties study
Kotelnikov A. R., Tschekina T. I., Gramenitskiy E. N., Zubkov E. S., Kovalsky A. M., Suk N. I., Kotelnikova Z. A.

Albite ordering under hydrothermal conditions
Kotelnikov A. R., Tschekina T. I.

Synthesis of phosphorus- and arsenic-bearing framework silicates similar to feldspar
Kotelnikov A. R., Ananiev V. V., Kovalsky A. M., Suk N. I.

Solid solutions of triple clinopyroxenes: synthesis and cell parameters refinement
Kotelnikov A. R., Kovalskaya T. N., Kovalsky A. M.

Mg and Fe distribution between ternary solid solutions of clinopyroxenes and bioite
Kotelnikov A. R., Kovalsky A. M., Suk N. I.

At the two mechanisms of garnets allocation
Makarov V. P.

Synthesis of eulytite (Bi4Si3O12) crystals in the hydrotermal solutions of different compositions
Marina E. A., Marin A. A., Bublikova T. M., Balitsky V. S.

Pyrochlores: hydrothermal synthesis, composition, properties
Redkin A. F., Borodulin G. P.

6. Thermodynamics of minerals

Thermodynamic properties of Agx–Au1-x solid solution at 298–673 K and pressure of 1 atm
Osadchii E. G., Korepanov Ya. I., Ionov K. A.

Evaluation of thermodynamic properties of H4SiO4 in the ideal gas state from experimental data
Plyasunov A. V.

Enthalpies of formation of tellurides of palladies from elements
Stolyarova T. A., Osadchii E. G.

A consideration of nonideal formation of solid solutions of silicates and alumosilicates
Khodakovsky I. L., Mukhina I. V.  

7. Physical properties of geomaterials

Distribution of the pore sizes in the continental crust: inferences from experimental about permeability
Vitovtova V. Ì., Shmonov V. Ì., Zharikov A. V.

Permeability, pore structure and dynamics of natural and technogenic fluids in crystalline rocks (experimental study)
Zharikov A. V., Shmonov V. M., Vitovtova V. M.

Global factors in dynamics of petrophysical processes
Rudakov V. P., Tsyplakov V. V.

8. Experimental geoecology

Experimental study of metallic mercury solubility in water
Alekhin Y. V., Zagrtdenov N. R., Muchamadiyarova R. V, Smirnova A. S.

Results migration mobility investigation of microelements in the soil horizons under the influence of humus and carboxylic acids
Drozdova O. Y., Alekhin Y. V., Ilina S. M., Lapitskiy S. A., Sokolova M. N.

Behaviour of chromatographic separation of rare earth elements on dynamic membranes that formated in the process of ultrafiltration
Ilina S. M., Alekhin Y. V., Lapitskiy S. A., Sokolova M. N.

Geochemical differentiation of iodine and selenium in landscapes: first results on example of the Bryansk region
Korobova E. M., Danilova V. N., Korsakova N. V., Khushvakhtova S. D., Beryozkin V. Yu.

Composition of the surface waters of Lovozerskiy district (Murmansk region)
Kotelnikov A. R., Akhmedjanova G. M., Kovalsky A. M., Suk N. I.

The experimental study of leaching rates of some elements (Na, K, Al, Si) from framework aluminosilicates
Kotelnikov A. R., Akhmedjanova G. M., Suvorova V. A.

The method of definition of the effective thermodynamic parameters of trace metals sorbed forms in bottom sediments from sequential extraction data
Lipatnikova O. A., Grichuk D. V., Sokolova O. V.

Study of anthropogeneous changing of underground geohydrosphere for estimation and prediction of geoecological danger
Maghidov S. Kh.

Udokan sulphide ore oxidativ leaching with acting oxygen compounds of nitrogen in the cryogenic conditions
Markovich T. I., Razvorotneva L. I.

Experimental study of modifying component agency on devitrification of Na2O–Al2O3–P2O5 glasses under elevated temperatures
Martynov K. V., Budantseva N. A., Tananaev I. G., Kovalsky A. M., Kotelnikov A. R.

Experimental study of cesium sedimentation from multicomponent water solutions using sodium and ammonium tetraflouroborates at room temperature
Martynov K. V., Safiulina A. M., Tananaev I. G., Kovalsky A. M., Kotelnikov A. R.

The influence of freeze – thaw process on the stability of natural geochemical barriers during sorpting radionuclides on them
Razvorotneva L. I., Gilinskaya L. G., Markovich T. I.

Comparative analyses of the radon and hydrogen fields in conditions of the seismoactive and platform regions
Rudakov V. P., Tsyplakov V. V.

9. Biomineralogy

Research of mineral composition of human salivary calculi
Belskaya L. V., Golovanova O. A.

Experimental study of crystallization of biological liquids
Belskaya L. V., Golovanova O. A., Shukailo E. S., Turmanidze V. G.

Research of features phase formation of minerals of kidney stones
Golovanova O. A., Punin Ju. O., Vysotskij A. S., Zyranova I. M.

Studying of crystallization with participation synovial of the liquid of the person
Golovanova O. A., Gerk S. A., Izmailov R. R.

Definition of parameters of crystallization at formation brushite
Solonenko A. P., Golovanova O. A.

Features of crystallisation in system Ca(NO3)2–(NH4)2HPO4–NH4ÎÍ–Í2Î
Filchenko M. B., Solonenko A. P., Golovanova O. A.

10. Methodological and applied studies

Experimental study of stability ñhromitå-periñlase and periclase-carbon refractories
Shchekina T. B., Batanova A. M., Gramenitskiy E. N., Grigoriev B. N., Kurbyko T. A., Guseva E. V., Korotaeva N. N.

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