Vestnik Otdelenia nauk o Zemle RAN VOL. 1, NZ2003, doi:10.2205/2009NZ000003, 2009

Proceedings of the ASEMPG-2009

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  1. Problems of space chemistry, planetology and meteoritics, creation and structure of planetary bodies
  2. Mineral equilibrium under high TP-parameters
  3. Magmatic systems
  4. Physical and chemical mineralogy
  5. Hydrothermal processes and ore formation
  6. Physical properties of geomaterials
  7. Problems of geoecology
  8. Methodical and technological developments

1. Problems of space chemistry, planetology and meteoritics, creation and structure of planetary bodies

Track method for the superheavy (Z>30) galactic cosmic ray nuclei energy determination
Aleksandrov A. B., Bagulya A. V., Vladimirov M. S., Goncharova L. A., Ivliev A. I., Kalinina G. V., Kashkarov L. L., Konovalova N. S., Polukhina N. G., Roussetski A. S., Starkov N. I.

Thin-layer etching and track parameter measuring technique for heavy and super-heavy galactic cosmic ray nucleus flux registered in pallasite olivine crystals
Aleksandrov A. B., Bagulya A. V., Vladimirov M. S., Goncharova L. A., Ivliev A. I., Kalinina G. V., Kashkarov L. L., Konovalova N. S., Polukhina N. G., Roussetski A. S., Starkov N. I.

Radiation history of the fossil meteorites found in Ordovician limestone in Sweden
Alexeev V. A.

Heterogeneity of carbon isotopic composition of the ultradisperse detonation diamond
Alexeev V. A., Ivliev A. I., Kuznetsova O. V., Sevastyanov V. S., Semenova L. F., Fisenko A. V.

Modelling of helium implantation into analogues of lunar minerals
Anufriev G. S., Boltenkov B. S., Dubrovsky A. V., Pimenov V. N., , Slyuta E. N., Yakovlev O. I.

Thermodynamic functions of high-pressure ices
Antsyshkin D. V., Dunaeva A. N., Kuskov O. L.

Cosmic spherules from the Novaya Zemlya glacier sheet: a transmission electron microscopy study of the textures
Badjukov D. D., Wirth R., Khisina N. R.

Trap rocks magmatism on East-Europian platform as result of the heating of astenosphere by galaxy comets
Barenbaum A. A., Shilovskaya T. I., Shilovskiy A. P.

On the origin of molecular nitrogen on the regular Saturns satellites (Titan and Enceladus)
Dorofeeva V. A.

Analytical equations for P-V-T properties of high-pressure water ices calculations
Dunaeva A. N., Antsyshkin D. V., Kuskov O. L.

The thermoluminescence method and meteorite orbits
Ivliev A. I., Kuyunko N. S.

On the problem of the galactic cosmic ray nuclei charge identification in olivine crystals from pallasites
Kashkarov L. L., Aleksandrov A. B., Bagulya A. V., Vladimirov M. S., Goncharova L. A., Ivliev A. I., Kalinina G. V., Konovalova N. S., Polukhina N. G., Roussetski A. S., Starkov N. I.

Sediment-dispersed extraterrestrial chromite in Ordovician limestone from North-West of Russia
Korochantsev A. V., Lorenz C. A., Ivanova M. A., Kononkova N. N., Sadilenko D. A., Korochantseva E. V., and Abdrakhimov A. M.

Inferring the temperature and composition of the continental lithosphere from geophysical data
Kronrod V. A., Kuskov O. L.

Venus atmosphere modification & change mecanism of it
Lipatov A. N., Khavroshkin O. B., Tsyplakov V. V.

Distribution of Ni, Co, Au and Ir among chondrules from carbonaceous, ordinary and enstatite chondrites
Lyul A. Yu., Kolesov G. M.

Bosnian stoun balls: seismic geochemical analyzing
Osmonagich M., Roschina I. A., Kolesov G. M., Khavroshkin O. B., Tsyplakov V. V.

Distribution of temperature and density in litosphere mantle of Siberian craton according to data of regional seismic models
Prokofyev A. A., Kronrod V. A., Kuskov O. L.

Global geodeformation processes in the Earth crust fluid transmission dynamics
Rudakov V. P.

Comparative analysis of the Earth crust deformations of the geosynclinal and platform regions
Rudakov V. P., Tsyplakov V. V.

Lunar meteoriod impact seismogramms: structure, elements
Tanaka S., Khavroshkin O. B., Tsyplakov V. V.

The Moon free oscillation: search by spectra gistogramm method
Tanaka S., Lukanenkov A. V., Khavroshkin O. B., Khrustalev A. B.

Lunar seismogram hidden periodicity: spectral-gistogramm representation
Tanaka S., Lukanenkov A. V., Khavroshkin O. B., Khrustalev A. B.

Lunar researches: whether the optimum is possible?
Tanaka S., Khavroshkin O. B., Tsyplakov V. V.

Lunar seismical wave fields after meteoriod impacts 1972, May, 13, July, 17
Tanaka S., Khavroshkin O. B., Tsyplakov V. V.

Principal problems of Lunar seismic search program
Tanaka S., Khavroshkin O. B., Tsyplakov V. V., Khrustalev A. B.

On possible diversity of astrophysical sources of meteoritic diamonds
Ustinova G. K .

About bimodal release of the noble gases during pyrolysis of the meteoritic nanodiamonds
Fisenko A. V., Semjonova L. F.

Electron petrography of lamellar Ca-Cr-symplectites in olivine from the "Luna-24" regolith
Khisina N. R., Nazarov M. A., Wirth R., Senin V. G.

Magnetic particles of the Space and anthropogenous origin from sediments of Lake B. Lozhka (Novosibirsk area)
Tselmovich V. A., Kazanskij A. J.

Vaporization and condensation temperatures of Hasp and Gasp glasses of lunar regolith
Yakovlev O. I., Dikov Yu. P., Gerasimov M. V.

2. Mineral equilibrium under high TP-parameters

Experimental test of the monomineral statistical thermobarometers for mantle peridotites
Ashchepkov I. V.

Using of the monomineral thermobarometers for the reconstruction of the mantle lithosphere structure
Ashchepkov I. V., Vladykin N. V., Logvinova A. M., Kuligin S. S., Malygina L. V., Pokhilenko L. N., Alymova N. V., Mityukhin S. I.

Influence of water and fluorine on melting of carbonated peridotite at 6 and 10 GPa
Bulatov V. K., Girnis A. V., Brey G. P.

Have the minerals of deep origin the memory and the influence the size of the grain on the intrinsic oxygen fugacity?
Zharkova E. V., Kadik A. A.

The experimental determination of intrinsic oxygen fugacity of the minerals from Obnazhennaya pipe, kimberlite province of Yakutia
Zharkova E. V., Kadik A. A.

Olivines from Obnazhennaya pipe, kimberlite province of Yakutia. The experimental determination of the intrinsic oxygen fugacity
Zharkova E. V., Kadik A. A.

Experimental modeling of glaucophane schist - olivine ineraction under P-T conditions of subduction zone
Korepanova O. S., Perchuk A. L.

Pressure-dependent rates of diamond nucleation and crystal growth in K-Na-Mg-Ca-C-carbonate-carbon melt-solution
Solopova N. A., Litvin Yu. A., Spivak A. V., Mukhanova A. G., Redkina L. P., Urusov V. S.

Topology of a section of T-P-phase diagram CaMgSi2O6-Mg2Si2O6, in connection with a stability iron-free pigeonite
Surkov N. V.

3. Magmatic systems

Comparison of natural data with experimental results in model fluorine bearing granite system with lithium and without lithium
Alferyeva Y. O., Shchekina T. I., Gramenitsky E. N.

Study of oxygen fugacity influence on redox state of iron in granitoidic melts
Volovetsky M. V., Rusakov V. S., Lukanin O. A., Kargaltsev A. A.

Petrogenesis of the high potassium ignimbrite rhyolit-dacite of the Tashir region (Armenia)
Gevorgyan R. G., Demirchyan A. R, Lorsabyan T. K.

Mineral equilibrium by crystallization of magmatic complex of the broken massive (Harz, Germany)
Gevorkyan R. G., Klisch I., Lorsabyan T. K.

Experimental simulation of alkali-carbonate metasomatism and melting of the mantle: the feature of the chemism and phase relationship
Gorbachev N. S., Kostyuk A. V., Pimenova J. G.

Amphibolization in ultramafic rocks and buffering of oxygen fugacity of andesit
Zakrevskaya O. Y., Simakin A. G., Salova T. P.

Fluorine solubility in model granitic and nepheline-syenitic melts (=750-800?, 0. 1GPa)
Zubkov E. S. Gramenitsky E. N.

The hydrogen and carbon solubility in the (NaAlSi3O8(80)+FeO(20))H system at 1. 5 GPa and 1400o
Kadik A. A., Kurovskaya N. A., Ignatjev Yu. A., Kononkova N. N., Koltashev V. V., Plotnichenko V. G.

Olivin fractionation in differentiation process of calcium-rich larnit-normative melts close on composition to kimberlites
Kogarko L. N.

Use of IR and Raman spectroscopy for studying the forms of dissolution of H, N and O volatiles in glasses melting products of the early Earth mantle
Koltashev V. V., Kryukova E. B., Plotnichenko V. G., Kadik A. A.

Experimental modeling of alkali-carbonate metasomatisme and melting of the mantle: effect of temperature on the phase relationship
Kostyuk A. V., Gorbachev N. S.

Minerals indicators of TPX-parameters of petrogenesis and actual tasks of experimental mineralogy
Kotelnikov A. R., Suk N. I., Kovalsky A. M., Kotelnikova Z. A.

Relationship between the compressibility of glasses of the CaO×Al2O3×xSiO2 system and the degree of polymerization of silicon - aluminum oxygen network
Kuryaeva R. G.

Estmate of conditions of phenocryst plagioclase formation in the Shiveluch eruption products on the basis of the experimental data
Simakin A. G., Salova T. P., Zakrevskaya O. Yu.

An experimental modelling of primary, secondary and impurity zoning during fractional crystallization of the Cu-Fe-Ni-S-(Pt, Pd) melts
Sinyakova E. F., Kosyakov V. I.

Experimental study of systems alkaline silicate melt low concentrated water-sulphate fluid at =1250o and =2 kbar
Suk N. I., Kotelnikov A. R., Akhmedzhanova G. M.

Experimental study of interaction between reduced gases and xenoliths of lherzolites from kimberlites
Sharapov V. N., Mazurov M. P., Faleev V. A.

XAS study of Cl and K in the diamond-forming mantle alkalic melts and related crystalline phases
Shiryaev A. A., Safonov O. G., Huthwelker T.

4. Physical and chemical mineralogy

Experimental study of the influence of crystallization conditions on capture and distribution of germanium in synthetic quartz
Balitsky D. V., Balitsky V. S., Bondarenko G. V.

Phases in the Pt-Fe system
Evstigneeva T. L.

Synthesis and investigation of F-sodalite at 400-750o and PH2O 1-2 Kbar
Kotelnikov A. R., Gramenitskiy E. N., Shchekina T. I., Zubkov E. S., Lim C. A., Suk N. I., Kovalsky A. M., Akhmedzhanova G. M., Kotelnikova Z. A.

Once again about isomorphism
Makarov V. P.

"Compensation phenomenon" - the new kind of communication between geological objects. Becompensation
Makarov V. P.

Enthalpies of formation of minerals of serpentine group
Ogorodova L. P., Melchakova L. V., Kiseleva I. A., Korytkova E. N.

Bibliographical information contained in the Joint-TDB
Sergeyeva E. I., Devina O. A., Medvedkina O. N., Khodakovsky I. L.

5. Hydrothermal processes and ore formation

Violating equilibrium in quartz-water-vapour system
Alekseyev V. A., Medvedeva L. S.

Experimemtal study of phase transformation of hydrocarbons in water-oil mixes at elevated and high temperatures and pressures
Balitsky V. S., Bondarenko G. V., Balitskaya L. V., Novikova M. A., Bublikova T. M., Penteley S. V.

On the hydrothermal transport of palladium (Experimental data)
Baranova N. N., Tagirov B. R., Kartashova L. F.

Oxygen isotope variations in metasomatized mantle xenoliths
Buikin A. I., Grinenko V. A., Ustinov V. I., Ignatiev A. V., Velivetskaya T. A., Nevinny Yu. A., Smirnova E. P.

Interaction between dissolved silica and calcite
Karaseva O. N., Lakhstanov L. Z., Ivanova L. I.

Physical and chemical conditions of formation of the Tash-Yar zinc-massive sulfide deposit, Southern Urals
Karpukhina V. S., Vikentyev I. V.

Uraninite solubility in HCl aqueous solutions at 500oC, 102 MPa
Kovalenko N. I., Prisyagina N. I., Bychkova Ja. V., Ryzhenko B. N.

Experimental study of concentration dependence of pyrochlore and columbite solubility in NaOH solutions at T=550o and =1000 bar
Korzhinskaya V. S., Zaraisky G. P.

The modeling of mineralizatory components-containing fluid systems
Kotelnikova Z. A., Kotelnikov A. R.

Experimental study of concentration dependence of Ta2O5 solubility in the alkaline solutions at T=550oC, P=1000 bar and low oxygen fugacity (Co-CoO buffer)
Kotova N. P., Zaraisky G. P.

Sulphidization of valleriite x(Fe,Cu,Ni)SyMg(OH)2zAl(OH)3 in SO2 water solutions
Laptev Yu. V.

Possibilities of experimental calculation method on prediction forms of gold in sulfides
Laptev Yu. V., Shironosova G. P., Novikova S. P.

About radiolithic nature of alkanes in salt rocks
Makarov V. P.

Interaction of granite with water at different temperatures. results of kinetic-thermodynamic modeling
Novoselov A. A., Mironenko M. V.

Studying of the U(IV) complexation in chloride solutions at 300-600oC and 1000 bar
Red'kin A. F.

6. Physical properties of geomaterials

Transport properties of rocks from the Elbrus volcanic center (Experimental data)
Zharikov A. V., Vitovtova V. M., Gurbanov A. G.

Pulse decay technique of rock sample permeability determination when water is used as flowing fluid
Zharikov A. V., Malkovsky V. I., Shmonov V. M.

Experimental study of the interdiffusion of major components in model melts on the andesite-basalt-2 join at high pressures
Persikov E. S., Bukhtiyarov P. G., Nekrasov A. N.

Dynamics of a filtration of homogeneous and heterogeneous fluids in fineporous environments at the elevated parameters
Shmonov V. M., Lakshtanov L. Z., Grafchikov A. A., Vitovtova V. M.

7. Problems of geoecology

Geochemical value of aerosol transport processes
Alekhin Y. V., Lapitsky S. A., Makarova (Frolikova) M. A., Mukhamadiyarova R. V., Karpov G. A., Kuzmin D. Y.

Experimental study of mineral and geochemical composition of aerosols in Novosibirsk sity
Artamonova S. Yu., Lapukhov A. S.

Variations of element structure of pathogenic minerals in an oral cavity
Belskaya L. V., Golovanova O. A.

Ecogeochemical condition of undersevan ofiolite association of rocks and soils (Armenia)
Gevorkyan R. G., Minasyan G. A., Gevorkyan M. R.

Pathogenic minerals inside of us
Golovanova O. A.

The cascade ultrafiltration as the method of studying of complexing of microelements with nanoscale molecules of doc in natural waters
Lapitsky S. A., Alekhin Y. V., Sitnikova M. V., Ilina S. M.

Radiation resistance of garnet-type actinide host phases
Livshits T. S., Lizin A. A.

Wide-scale geochemical and fluid-dynamical experiment and its possible consequences in the nearest future
Maghidov S. Kh.

Chemical interactions associated with bureal of liquid technological waste in sand beds. Results of kinetic-thermodynamic modeling
Mironenko M. V., Cherkasova E. V., Zakharova E. V., Zubkov A. A.

Modified natural sorbents as radionuclides absorbers
Razvorotneva L. I., Gilinskaya L. G., Markovich T. I.

Modeling system for research of processes of the pathogenic mineralization
Solonenko A. P., Belskaya L. V., Golovanova O. A.

Peculiarities and geochemistry of fluids field of Memphis region (Egypt)
Ourdukhanov R. I., Pavlov D. G., Khavroshkin O. B.

On immobilization of technetium into crystalline matrices
Yudintsev S. V., Omelianenko B. I.

8. Methodical and technological developments

Neutron activation analysis of the small-size objects
Kolesov G. M., Lyul A. Yu .

On the results of proficiency test for analytical geochemistry laboratories (GeoPT, 2008)
Kubrakova I. V., Tyutyunnik O. A., Chkhetia D. N., Krigman L. V.

Design of the high temperature centrifuge measuring cell using the ultrasonic method for studying the metals segregation in the model planetary melt
Lebedev E. B., Dorfman A. M., Zebrin S. R., Zevakin E. A.

New possibilities of arched atomic-emission spectrmetry for a study of the geoobjects composition
Savinova E. N., Sukach Yu. S., Kolesov G. M.

ICP-AES analysis of silicate materials
Tyutyunnik O. A., Toropchenova E. S., Kubrakova I. V.